power is in our nature

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What is Natural energy?

Naturgy comes directly from the producer, directly balanced into your portfolio. Not via a detour or with certificates from abroad. Naturgy is created when production and consumption happen simultaneously.


Honest and transparent, the core of CNS.

We deliver energy at cost-price+. For this, we use a very transparent cost model which enables everyone involved to always check payments and market prices. You are always close to the market.

Our story

Energy from nature is really green.

We have a large network of producers that are eager to supply you with their renewable energy. When the sun is shining or the wind is blowing, we ensure the energy is delivered from any specific production installation. 


Tailor made solutions

There is no such thing as a standard customer profile. This is exactly the reason why all our supply concepts are tailor made based on your needs.

A multi-country contract, sustainable energy from PPA's (Power Purchase Agreements), or physical production on location from solar panels? Maybe a combination of both with which we can leverage the commercial opportunities of an optimized portfolio?

We would be more than happy to visit your office and explain the possibilities.