energy from nature

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Energy from nature

Renewable energy is only available when the sun is shining, the wind is blowing or another renewable energy production process has started to produce green energy. This is why we deliver renewable energy when it is really being produced. 

Directly from reliable producers, directly from nature.


Solar energy

The best known form of renewable energy. The sun shines almost every day and we have a significant installed capacity available from which we can supply renewable energy to your facilities.


Wind energy

The second-best known form of renewable energy is wind energy. Compared to solar hours, there are more wind hours in one year to deliver renewable energy to your facilities.



Biomass is used produced by for example in co-, or mono-digesters. This is a very stable production process, producing a lot of energy on an annual basis. In some cases, we can also deliver gas from these facilities.



Because we manage all these energy flows, we are able to provide deep insights in consumption data at any time. This includes data from your connected producers. Directly from nature.


There are many types of producers or and different kinds of renewable energy sources. Wind, solar, biomass, etc. We can supply any kind of renewable energy to your portfolio via direct PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements). Our business model is focused on a fixed price per delivered energy. We do therefore not profit from commodity prices.


No consumer wants to pay unreasonable prices. Therefore, we facilitate the direct price negotiation between energy consumers and renewable energy producers. This is possible since we do not profit from commodity prices. Our business model is focused on a fixed price per delivered energy.

Energy from nature


Clear origin


Insights in production and consumption


Real-time statistics

Simple and reliable reporting


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