Power is in our nature

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Dynamic contracts

With our Dynamic contracts our customers buy energy directly on the energy markets, where actual costs are transferred 1:1 while adding a fixed fee per delivered energy unit for our services. With our 24/7 dispatch and accurate forecasting we buy your required energy volumes in 15 minute timeframes. This way you are always close to the market. However, this might bring potential unwanted price fluctuations. Do you prefer a higher level of budget security? If so, have a look at our Hybrid contracts.

Hybrid contracts

With our Hybrid contracts anything is possible. Multi-country contracts with only one invoice? A 100% fixed price or only a partly fixed price? Buying in multiple markets at the same time? Renewable energy supply from Direct PPA's (Power Purchase Agreements)? Or would you like to buy future products, maybe even from third parties? Due to the fact we do not profit from commodity prices delivered to your facilities, this is all possible. We make sure of a well organized supply of energy to your locations, at a fixed price per delivered quantity of energy.


Tailor made energy supply solutions or development of physical projects on site 

Would you like to go further than our Hybrid or Full-Flex contracts or do you want a combination of both? Do you have ground- or roof space available and would you like to develop a physical project on site? Or would you like to become more energy efficient and consume less energy? We are happy to visit your office and explain what is possible. Just leave your contact details, and we will make sure to contact you on short notice.