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Because traditional is not good enough

We do things our way, honest and authentic. Our philosophy is to create new opportunities, so that traditional doors can remain shut. 

This requires flexibility and creativity of both the organization and its employees. We believe that flexibility and creativity adds value to effectively managing your energy portfolio.

Sustainability is key and sustainability will not be open-ended in the long term. We believe that consuming renewable energy will become a matter of availability. Through Direct PPA's (Power Purchase Agreements), we can assure that any consumer can buy renewable energy directly from any specific renewable energy producer.

Any consumer may expect a tailor made solution from us. Because we do not profit from commodity prices but our business model is focused on a fixed price for energy delivered, our only priority is to support you in achieving the best commodity price and concept for your business. This is what we call integrity in a sustainable way.



Jasper Mattijssen

Managing Director: "The traditional way of selling energy will change in short term. Traditional suppliers will need to innovate and become less dependent on energy prices and commodity profits, by radically changing their business models and throwing traditional business models overboard. It is now up to us and our dedicated team to change this traditional way of thinking through CNS. Thinking different, our second nature."